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When it comes to finding Indian takeaway meals Home Style Authentic Indian is one of the best restaurant type choices you can find. Our particular restaurant in Glasgow offers a number of Indian meals in a variety of forms. The signature dishes at our restaurant type include a number of kormas that are braised with yogurt or cream to create a detailed dish all the way through. These include products made with coconut cream and with nutty and fruity flavours all around. Various kebabs are also served including ones that features barbecue chicken. Our tandoori meals featuring lamb or chicken are among the top foods to see at our Indian and fast food takeaway spot. Numerous types of Indian bread products can accentuate any meal with the garlic and butter naan breads being among the more popular ones that we are making right now. Sandwiches and pizzas are also available for sale with many of them featuring authentic Indian ingredients with proper barbecue sauces and other spices added all the away around to create some memorable meals. For those looking for special offers, we have a few special box meals that offers different foods like kebabs, salads and Donner meat with a sauce, chips and a can of a soft drink. Each of our box meals is available at a particular price that is easy for anyone to take advantage of so it helps for all to see just what we have to offer in particular.

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Home Style Authentic Indian is a popular place for Indian and fast food takeaway in Glasgow. Our restaurant was established as a place that provides people in the area with unique and authentic Indian meals. These foods that we make are paired alongside many other traditional foods that have their own special added Indian accents with them to create some of the more distinct and unique meals that you will ever have while in Glasgow. We at Home Style Authentic Indian especially concentrate on working with chicken that is prepared in a variety of forms, particularly in both tandoori and barbecue forms alike. The kebabs and biryani among other prominent traditional Indian entrees have helped to make our spot one of the more popular places that people can find a number of tandoori Indian foods from.

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Our foods at Home Style Authentic Indian have helped to make us a popular place for everyone to look forward to eating at while in the Glasgow area. You can find us at Home Style Authentic Indian at 470 Paisley Road in Glasgow. We are located not too far from Govan Road and is also just a few bits away from the banks of the River Clyde. We are just south of the river and is also due east of Festival Park. In terms of the area in the city that we are located in, our restaurant is just outside the Kinning Park region alongside the southwest central part of the city. We are right near many busy streets and residential spots, thus giving us plenty of coverage for people all around the Glasgow area although our foods are available to anyone living in the region.